The Spirit of Sweden

The Spirit of Sweden

Sweden is known for its strong nature landscape, appealing cities, flourishing forests and traditional midsummer celebrations. It borders op to Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Finland. In Sweden you can discover the great Göta Canal's 372-mile system of locks and canals. You can also go skiing in the winter, play golf in the summer and bath in a fresh blue water lake. It is a fantastic water location with hundreds of clear lakes and rivers ideal for angling, canoeing, sailing and whitewater rafting.

In Sweden they have amazing castles and manor estates where you also can stay for a night or more if you want. We all know the tales of Pippi Longstocking, in Sweden you can visit Astrid Lindgren's home.



Day 1,  Stockholm - Kalmar.

Upon arrival pick up a rent-a-car, and begin your drive south along the eastern coast to Kalmar.  Stop in and check into the hotel.  Spend the afternoon at leisure and enjoy an early dinner perhaps in the village or at the Hotel.


Day 2,  Kalmar.

After breakfast explore the Smaaland area, make the drive to Orefors and Kosta Boda Glass factories.
Return to the hotel for dinner on your own and overnight at  COMFORT HOTEL PACKHUSET.  For an evening stroll you can visit the medieval castle, very close to your hotel. On many summer evenings you may be able to see a play, right on the grounds of the Castle.


Day 3,  Kalmar.

After breakfast you can cross over by bridge to Öland, the small island just across from Kalmar.  This will give you a very nice day on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, where many Swedes enjoy their summer holidays. Dinner on your own and overnight at COMFORT HOTEL PACKHUSET.


Day 4, Kalmar - Visby

After breakfast drive to Oskarshamn taking the Ferry to Gotland.  Continue to Visby for overnight.

Enjoy the beaches and this Swedish holiday community, overnight at your hotel/


Day 5, Visby - Stockholm

After breakfast prepare to depart hotel mid-morning for the harbor for your Ferry to Stockholm actually Nynäshamn. When arriving check your car in and go to the hotel by taxi. It is recommended that you enjoy a dinner on your own, in the old Town, just across from your hotel, at a restaurant called the Fem Små Hus (meaning five small houses).


Day 6,  Stockholm

After breakfast join a city  tour through The Old Town and around Stockholm.  This
will give you a good idea of what to do , where to go and what to see the next few days.

An excursion out in the harbor to Drottningholm is worthwhile.


Magnificent 18th century surroundings at Drottningholm

Nowadays the royal family lives at the baroque Drottningholm Palace.

Here you can stroll through lush parks and visit the royal residence China Palace dating from 1763, where the furnishings have been left more or less untouched ever since the 18th century. Be sure not to miss the Palace Theatre, which is unique in the world because its 18th century scene machinery is intact and still used in performances. 

Opening hours for May–August are 10–4:30 p.m., September 12–3:30 p.m. daily, October–April Saturday–Sunday 12–3:30 p.m. 
Phone: 08-402 62 80


Dinner on your own and you currently hold a reservation for a NOBEL dinner at

Stadhuskjällaren (City Hall Cellar restaurant) at 720pm.  Restaurant Manager Maria Backelin. Should you decide to cancel call in Stockholm 08 506 322 11  Overnight at Hilton Slussen.


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