Hurtigruten - Norwegian Coastal Voyage

Hurtigruten - The Norwegian Coastal Voyage around the majestic  coastline of Norway have been described as "The World's Most Beautiful  Voyage". You will experience the natural delights of a land of ever  changing moods, where every day is an unforgettable experience, with  fresh horizons and new discoveries.

As you board a Hurtigruten vessel you become part of a tradition  which dates back over centuries. A service originally created over 110  years ago as a vital link to the remote coastal communities, carrying  supplies and passengers, the Norwegian Coastal Voyage has never strayed  far from its original route always hugging the rugged Norwegian  coastline touching some of Norway's last wildernesses.

We invite you to experience for yourself, that touch of pure  "Norwegian Magic" which combines stunning and magnificent scenery, a  haven of wildlife, tradition & culture and most of all, a warm  welcome which will leave you with a lasting impression.
Right to the heart of Norway and its people, the Norwegian Coastal  Voyage of Hurtigruten, as it's known locally, carries passengers, mail  and supplies to over 30 ports along the Norwegian Coastline, most never  visited by commercial cruise liners.
With daily departures, the Hurtigruten journey begins in Bergen and  travels north across the Arctic Circle and beyond as it meanders through the dramatic splendors of the coast. As you weave in and out of narrow  inlets, you will sail along some of the world's most beautiful  coastline, nearly always in sight of land, and discover what makes this  voyage unique.

Many of the ports of call are tranquil hamlets on tiny islands whose  inhabitants depend for their very existence on the Hurtigruten ships to bring the communities essential supplies and reunite families and  friends.

Each Hurtigruten ship has a distinct style and character and no two  journeys will ever be the same as the changing seasons, climate, flora  and fauna, local people you meet and the friendly English speaking crew, make each Hurtigruten voyage a different experience.Like-minded people from across the world come to enjoy the  magnificent scenery and informal atmosphere on board. many take the  opportunity to sail in summer during the period of the midnight sun,  when the sun flirts with the horizon before curving skyward, bathing the  glorious scenery in perpetual daylight. 

As you board your Hurtigruten ship you can be proud that you are part of a tradition that has spanned three centuries. It is this commitment to a proud tradition that has made Hurtigruten an essential part of  Norwegian life.